Company Profile

Company Profile

Established Time: 2008Factory Of Sokoyo

Company Orientation: Professional manufacturer of solar street lights

Company Faith: Make every lamp qualified

Company Vision: Illuminate every way home

Product Orientation: Focus on the design, development and production of solar street lights with independent intellectual property rights

Market Positioning: Domestic and foreign customers who have high standards for solar street lights

Test Ability: SOKOYO Lab covers an area of 1000 square meters, equipped with a Goniophotometer, which is available for testing various optical parameters of our solar street light. There is also waterproof test equipment in the lab, which is good for testing the IP grade level of the lamps; moreover, a high and low-temperature thermal shock chamber is also available. Meanwhile, we have all kinds of equipment for testing the physical performance, safety performance, electrical performance, and optical performance of our products. it is totally of more than 40 sets.

Participation Standards: Participated in the compilation and formulation for Solar Photovoltaic Lighting Manual, Design Standards for Photovoltaic Street Lamp Application, Photovoltaic Street Lamp Engineering Construction and Acceptance Standards, General Rules for Super Capacitors for Street Lamps, Performance and Performance and Performance and Function of Battery Charge Controller for Photovoltaic System

Related Certifications: CQC certificate, Golden Sun certificate, CE certificate, ROSH certificate, TUV certificate, and CB certificate for the entire system of solar street lights recognized by many countries in the world. Many SOKOYO products have passed IEC60598-2017, IEC61215:2016, IEC62619:2017, IEC61427, and other tests. Our products have obtained a number of third-party inspection reports.

Production Capacity: With 80,000 square meters of professional production workshops for solar panels, lithium batteries, solar controllers, LED lamps, light poles, etc., and more than 200 sets of various production equipment that can meet annual sales of 500 million RMB

Related Services: As a professional solar LED light manufacturer in China, SOKOYO provides our customers with services such as the preliminary design of the project, scenario simulation testing, wind resistance rating design, proposal, and optimization, etc.

Typical Projects: United Nations Office for Project Services Iraq project, UNOPS Yemen project, United Nations Development Agency Syria project, World Bank Bangladesh IDCOL project for one million solar street lights, Shenyang International Cameroon project, Henan International and China Hydropower Senegal project, China Railway First Bureau Kiribati project, Benin Governmental project, Indonesia and Philippines national project, Thailand national project for more than100,000 sets of solar street lights; Oppel lighting, Tospo lighting, AVIC project, Solar Street Light Philippines projects, and other domestic and foreign projects.

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Yunguang LED Solar Street Lights of SOKOYO Are Devoted to Achieving Carbon Neutrality

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Achieve Carbon Neutrality is the Important Way to Develop Solar Street Lights

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