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'COVID-19' Challenge

'COVID-19' Challenge

From the beginning of the year to recent time, the real-time epidemic curve has become a "barometer" of the psychological dynamics of the whole country. We have gone from anxiety to fear, from full of holes to invulnerability. An epidemic has revealed all kinds of life. This time, it is not a disaster movie, but we are in a real difficult time.

Since the epidemic spread, the choice of telecommuting at home has become a delaying tactic for most enterprises. Later, the news showed that many enterprises suffered heavy losses under the epidemic situation which swept the whole network. The real economy is vacillating between opening and closing. At this time, the enterprise has not only stood firm but also progressed smoothly. The economic situation is not optimistic, but we still have the salary protection of the enterprise. We feel thankful for our company to sustain stability and keep moving forward, even investing more to create a better factory environment for our customers.

Summarize the characteristics of influential enterprises

The first is that the real industry has the poor digital ability.

The second is the enterprise with less capital reserve, large inventory, low credit and poor financing ability.

The third is that enterprises with poor management ability and poor organizational ability are unable to transform. The human structure is rigid. The digital investment is not enough.

Case 1: Liangpin shop (the current star snack enterprise), the first listed Hubei enterprise during the epidemic. Liangpin stores account for 40% of the total number of stores in Wuhan. They will be listed in February. However, they catch up with the epidemic situation in Wuhan at this critical moment. According to the requirements of the local government, all stores are closed. At the critical juncture, the top management of Liangpin store finally determined the core strategy: Launch online, and let all stores turn their business focus to online. Two days later, the number of active users increased by 464.1%, and the number of transactions increased by 91.6%. On the day of listing, online orders accounted for 80% of the total orders, becoming the first Hubei enterprise listed during the epidemic. On February 24, Liangpin shop was listed on the Shanghai Stock Exchange in the cloud. It not only became the first Hubei enterprise to be listed during the epidemic period but also traded continuously for 10 days, with a market value of 16.2 billion, making it the best performance new shares this year. Moreover, the founding team of liangpin store also broadcast the whole process of their "cloud listing" on Taobao.

In early April, we joined the upsurge of traffic platform, creating the vibrato, youtube, Alibaba live broadcast, TikTok, etc., and also helped us in online propaganda.

In the field of a live short video, our company is still a newcomer, so we will start again with a new attitude, seriously study diversified marketing methods, publicize the company's own brand in multiple dimensions, and maximize the coverage of the customer groups that conform to our company's stereotyped products.

Finally, in the words of academician Zhong Nanshan: "It may be accidental to choose a certain industry, but once you choose it, you must treat it with loyalty and enthusiasm of your whole life." We hope that all of us have firm confidence and work together to create a blue sky for the second pioneering work of SOKOYO.