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Digital Light Network Ecological Construction Conference Successfully Held In Gaoyou

Digital Light Network Ecological Construction Conference Successfully Held In Gaoyou

In order to seize the development opportunity of "new infrastructure" and build the future smart city demonstration project, on November 27, more than 300 representatives of smart city and smart light pole industry gathered at the beautiful Gaoyou Lake. The 2020 "digital light network ecological construction conference" was held in HuiFu Jinling Hotel, Gaoyou City, Jiangsu Province. Focusing on the theme of "smart city, digital light network and smart light pole", the conference deeply analyzed the topics of "top-level design, business model, product supply side, project operation" of the digital light network, and discussed the development direction of a new smart city in the future.

The meeting was hosted by Gaoyou Municipal People's government and Jiangsu Lighting Appliance Association. It's organized by the Gaoyou Bureau of industry and information technology and Management Committee of Jiangsu Gaoyou high tech Industrial Development Zone. Hosted by digital light network professional committee of Jiangsu Lighting Electrical Appliance Association and Gaoyou Lighting Association; Jiangsu Haowei Transportation Group Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Xinghuo Lighting Group Co., Ltd., and Shenzhen Huihui Supported by Da Internet of things information technology Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Shenyi Lighting Engineering Group Co., Ltd., Changzhou Hailan Liko Internet of things Technology Co., Ltd., Gaoyou Mingyuan Lighting Technology Co., Ltd., Yangzhou Titan Information Technology Co., Ltd., Wuhan enables Technology Co., Ltd. and Shenzhen yingtefei Electronic Co., Ltd.

Chen Yansheng, chairman of China Lighting Appliance Association, expressed warm congratulations on the opening of the Jiangsu digital light network conference on behalf of China Lighting Electrical Association, and also delivered a speech video. He said that smart streetlights, especially the IoT-based street light monitoring system, are a hot topic at present, and Gaoyou is also a street lamp manufacturing base. He also hopes that the conference can promote the development of the smart streetlight industry. Finally, he wishes the forum a complete success.

Zhang Li, deputy secretary of the CPC Gaoyou Municipal Committee and mayor extended warm congratulations on the opening of the conference and expressed sincere welcome and thanks to the visiting leaders and guests. In his speech, he said that Gaoyou's outdoor lighting industry has gone through 45 years of wind and rain since its birth. At present, Gaoyou has nearly 1000 manufacturing enterprises with more than 40000 employees. It is a famous outdoor lighting production base in China. Enterprise accumulation, industrial cluster and obvious advantages have won a number of honorary titles. In recent years, in order to promote industrial upgrading, Gaoyou seizes the opportunities of Digital China Construction and new infrastructure development, carries out advanced layout, actively promotes the digital light network project of small and medium-sized cities integrating investment, construction, operation and management, builds "one network and two centres", strives to build a national smart city benchmark, realizes the transformation from traditional lamp pole manufacturing to digital light network construction, and becomes the manufacturing base all over China.