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For Environmental Protection, Low Carbon and Energy Saving: S222 Solar Street Light Project in Zhejiang Province

For Environmental Protection, Low Carbon and Energy Saving: S222 Solar Street Light Project in Zhejiang Province

With the rapid development of the world, we are enjoying the convenience and comfort brought by modern technology. However, the earth on which we live is being destroyed step by step. Now, the state attaches great importance to the work of saving energy and reducing consumption. Among the eight major tasks put forward at the National Economic Work Conference, energy saving and consumption reduction were even ranked fourth, and the National Development and Reform Commission has repeatedly stated that the energy consumption per unit GDP indicator is a legally binding indicator. In today's rapidly developing society, saving energy and reducing consumption has become a strong common will of the whole society.

As an enterprise focusing on the production and research and development of solar street light products, SOKOYO Solar Lighting Co., Ltd. insists on positioning solar street lights as its main product. SOKOYO has achieved independent research and development and independent production of all products. At present, nearly 1 million sets of solar street light products are suitable for domestic and foreign markets, and have accepted the test of various use environments.

In February 2022, our company participated in the new construction of lighting facilities in the section from Liancheng to Bihu, Duanliandu District, Lishui City, S222 Province, Zhejiang Province. A total of 1,277 sets of 80-watt solar integrated street lights were provided for the project. SOKOYO has brought high social benefits to the society and won unanimous praise from the local government.

Project design plan: the height of the lamp pole is 10 meters, the light source power is 80 watts, the total luminous flux reaches 14400LM, the color temperature is 5000K, and the color rendering index is ≥Ra70. It can be controlled by time periods and remotely.

Now we use different schemes for this project to compare the benefits of energy saving and environmental protection:

Annual electricity consumption

Annual CO2 Emissions

Annual carbon consumption

Mains power supply

447,460 kWh

446 tons

Save 122 tons of carbon

solar powered

447,460 kWh

No CO2 emissions

carbon free

Solar + IoT

313,222 kWh

No CO2 emissions

carbon free

(We use coal-fired thermal power generation as a reference to calculate the emission reduction benefits of electricity saving. According to expert statistics: for every kilowatt hour (kWh) of electricity saved, 0.997 kg of "carbon dioxide" is reduced accordingly, which is equivalent to 0.272 kg of "carbon emission reduction".)

The initial investment of the mains power supply scheme may be slightly lower, but considering the later maintenance and impact on the environment, the solar power supply and solar + IoT power supply schemes are more feasible. Considering the convenience of later lighting debugging and maintenance, the project finally adopts the solar energy + Internet of Things solution. The IoT control module can realize the following functions:

1. Use the Internet of Things to view the actual and historical data of the solar street lights registered in the system (daily charge capacity, daily discharge capacity, device voltage, device current, device power, etc.);

2. Using the Internet of Things, the lighting time and brightness of street lamps can be remotely modified;

3. Fault reporting, quick maintenance. (In case of solar street light failure, an error will be reported in the system, and the specific location and number of the faulty light will be displayed, so that customers can quickly find and repair);

4. The IoT control module also takes into account the energy-saving debugging function, and can manually adjust the lighting mode according to the actual use and environmental conditions of customers.

At present, the project has been installed and put into use. It can be seen from the weekly data of the Internet of Things background (as shown in the figure below) that it has perfectly realized the transformation and utilization of natural energy, achieving energy conservation, environmental protection and effective use of natural resources.


With the development of the world's industrial economy and the sharp increase in population, human production and lifestyle are becoming more and more intelligent and convenient, the world's climate is facing more and more serious problems, and carbon dioxide emissions are increasing. Our company will continue to develop the solar energy business, actively promote the use of solar street lamps, do a good job in the production, research and development, promotion and publicity of solar street lamps, make a modest contribution to energy conservation and environmental protection, attain the carbon peaking and carbon neutrality goals, and build a beautiful home together!