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Lighting enthusiasm in the economic cold wave, what is SOKOYO Solar Lighting holding on to?

Lighting enthusiasm in the economic cold wave, what is SOKOYO Solar Lighting holding on to?

With the global epidemic, lighting companies are facing multiple difficulties on the supply side and demand side, however, in 2021, the export value of SOKOYO solar lighting is about 60 million RMB, and the annual output value is over 100 million for 5 consecutive years. 2022, SOKOYO solar lighting has invested in expanding its new plant, covering an area of 68.34 mu, and the annual production capacity can reach 500 million RMB.

What makes SOKOYO’s solar street lights sell well at home and abroad? What makes SOKOYO be selected by foreign media as the most competitive solar street light lighting brand in the world? What makes SOKOYO solar lighting grow and develop in the face of adversity?

SOKOYO attributed this to the four insistences of the company.

1、 Adhere to the real material without wavering

SOKOYO Solar Lighting implements standard inspection and testing procedures and follows a very strict quality control process. All products are made from A-grade solar cells, and A-grade electric cells, and all light poles are calculated to be wind-resistant.


A-grade solar cells

Solar cells include three grades, A, B, and C. Grade A is the highest quality grade. All SOKOYO solar cells are A-grade solar cells with neat and uniform color, perfect printing of electrode grids, no broken grids, no stains on the surface, no slurry leakage, no aluminum pack, no hidden cracks, no scratches, no black core, no reverse current, stable electrical performance, and high conversion efficiency.



Wind-resistant light poles

The specific parameters of the wind resistance design of the street light are particularly important to ensure that the solar led street light remains standing in the event of high wind levels. In the process of installing street lights, the parameters of wind resistance will directly affect the life of the solar led street light equipment and whether other problems will arise, so extra attention must be paid to the design of wind resistance.

2、 Adhere to the real parameters without wavering

All SOKOYO solar lighting products are real parameters and real configurations. From the material of the light pole, the size of the product, to the power of the light head, solar panels and other parameters, what you see is what you get. SOKOYO Solar Lighting has 30,000 square meters of professional production workshops for solar panels, lithium batteries, solar controllers, LED lamps, light poles, etc., as well as more than 200 sets of various production equipment to meet the annual sales of 500 million yuan, and the products are sold at home and abroad.

3、 Insist on original products without wavering

Always innovating, always being imitated. SOKOYO solar street light has been insisting on independent research and development and original design for many years. The company's original inventions such as a split structure of a binary light, a street light head (long module), a pull-out battery box, a street light head (scintillating moon), a street light head (crescent moon) and a street light head (flowing light) have all applied for appearance patents (available for record).

4、 Insist on modular intelligence without wavering

The new factory to be completed at the end of 2022 will be mainly used for the production of solar intelligent lighting products, based on the company's existing series of products such as integrated lights, two-body lights, split lights and utility street lights, expanding the intelligent solar street light product line to bring customers a richer and more complete The new factory will be mainly used for the production of solar intelligent lighting products.



"Do a good job with every light and become the most professional solar street light manufacturer". Kaiyuan Solar Lighting will continue to focus on the research, development and production of solar street light products and strive for excellence to provide more convenient, faster and better quality services to customers worldwide.