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SOKOYO enter the Philippine market

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SOKOYO attended the Philippine Electric Power and Solar Photovoltaic Exhibition on 21st May. During this exhibition, we displayed our patented solar lights in terms of LUMO, CONCO, NOVA, INTENSE, AMBO, and TECO, etc.


SOKOYO once went to the Philippines to attend solar lights promoting the meeting of last year and held the opening ceremony of the Philippines office in Manila. Angelika Kayaz, the director of the Philippine Ministry of Trade and Industry Investment Agency, personally unveiled the event and extended a warm welcome to SOKOYO.


It is reported that the Philippines is a country with insufficient power supply all year-round, and many areas often suffer from “electricity shortage”.


There are two reasons. First, the Philippines is composed of 7,107 islands. Frequent typhoon earthquakes cause many islands to be unable to connect to the main network of the power company. Second, the Philippines relies on fossil energy for more than 75% of its electricity. Therefore, it has to import from other countries such as Indonesia and Australia due to lacking fossil resources.  


In such a difficult situation, the demand for electricity in the Philippines has increased year by year.


Compared with traditional power generation methods, solar power generation is convenient and flexible and can provide power as long as there is sunlight. This is undoubtedly the most ideal power generation method for the Philippines. The presence of SOKOYO will help improve life in areas with the insufficient power supply to meet market demand in these areas.


SOKOYO solar street lights have unique shapes, exquisite workmanship, and scientific configuration. There are many large-scale successful cases at home and abroad. Mr. Ferdinand Marcos, one of the beneficiaries, once installed SOKOYO's patented solar street light NOVA in his factory in Davao, said that solar street lights are really convenient, they can still keep lighting under bad weather conditions without any delay in production, which effectively reduces losses for the factory and improves efficiency. 

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