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SOKOYO Provides Safer and High-quality Night Lighting for Vietnam's Islands

SOKOYO Provides Safer and High-quality Night Lighting for Vietnam's Islands

Compared with the traditional street lamp, the solar street lamp does not need to frame cables or row lines, especially suitable for villages, deserts, or islands with weak power supply systems.

Recently, the renovation project of old lights in Dinh Cau and Bach Dang Park in Phu Quoc, Vietnam, led by SOKOYO, has been completed. The project adopts Kaiyuan Xingchen 60W solar street lights, which provides high-quality night lighting for Vietnamese islands, and also provides an excellent night tour environment for island tourists.



The simple and smooth lines: suitable for the natural environment of the island

SOKOYO Stars solar street lamp combines those advantages together: green lighting, energy conservation, environmental protection, interspersing urban scenery, etc. In addition, its structure is compact and its contour line is smooth and concise like the kayak paddle. Moreover, its slender body with a longitudinal LED module makes the surface smooth and clean. Besides, a few adornment grids make the street lamp have a spirit dynamic instead of monotonous, like the breeze sweeping the floating boat and paddles. Its body shape and color have a very good view, perfect for the natural environment of the island.


Patented lens has a good lighting effect

The street lamp adopts 3030/5050 light source, batwing-shaped and polarizing lens. It is specially tailored to the patent lens, which can greatly improve the lighting effect and has better illumination uniformity. Besides, it has many other advantages: uniform light distribution, moderate beam angle, small glare angle, high light efficiency, long service life, and high color rendering index. Its color temperature can be selected according to customers, to meet the lighting needs of different environments.



Impact resistance, corrosion resistance, large heat capacity, safety

The whole SOKOYO Stars solar street lamp is made of high die casting aluminum so that it is impact-resistant. And its surface is electrostatically sprayed with pure polyester treatment so that it is corrosion-resistant. Its waterproof grade is IP66. For street lamps used outdoors for a long time, Stars solar street lamps have an absolute safety guarantee in terms of weather resistance against ultraviolet rays, rain and snow, wind and sand, etc., so they are especially suitable for the hot and humid environment of Vietnam Island.


In addition, SOKOYO Stars solar street lamp system uses a new type of lithium battery and its terminal uses lead tin terminal or internal thread terminal. Its working environment temperature is -40℃--+65℃ sop that it has large heat capacity and strong heat dissipation ability. Besides, it can meet the lighting requirement of 2-10 days in continuous cloudy and rainy days, and its service life is 5-8 years. Our products use modular pluggable technology, which saves the steps of tool maintenance and brings convenience to later use.

SOKOYO Solar Lighting Co., Ltd. was founded in 2008. At that time, we established the company's positioning, only producing the solar street lamp. We successively invested more than 7000 ten thousand yuan and constructed five 80000 square meters of production base such as the solar panel, LED, light poles, lamps and lanterns, and lithium batteries. Our products are sold at home and abroad and our brand SOKOYO has been named by foreign media as the world's most competitive brand of solar street lighting.