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SOKOYO Solar Lighting Appeared in

SOKOYO Solar Lighting Appeared in "2022 Ningbo International Lighting Exhibition"

From July 18th to 20th, "2022 Ningbo International Lighting Exhibition" was grandly held in Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center. More than 1,500 lighting and related companies from home and abroad brought the latest products, technologies and solutions. SOKOYO brought Yunfan integrated lamp, cloudscape integrated lamp, star split lamp, cloud light LED solar street lamp, harmonious solar street lamp and other products to the exhibition.

sokoyosolar-20220802-1.jpgsokoyosolar-20220802-2.jpgYunfan integrated light


SOKOYO's Yunfan integrated lamp adopts high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon, with a photoelectric conversion rate of 18% and a long life. 3030 lamp beads, high-intensity imported PC optical lens, bat-wing light distribution, to achieve uniform light distribution and greatly improve the lighting effect. With intelligent control of lighting time, overcharge, overdischarge, electronic short circuit, overload protection, anti-reverse connection protection and other functions, it can adapt to cold, high temperature, humidity and other environments.

Cloudscape all-in-one light


SOKOYO's cloud-view solar energy integrated street light adopts a patented design, which is easy to operate and easy to maintain without opening the cover for installation and disassembly. The solar panel can adjust the angle of the lamp according to the actual environment to obtain the highest charging efficiency. The street lamp control system adopts microwave induction, and the brightness can be adjusted according to the flow of people and vehicles. The flexible conversion from 3000 to 6500k not only meets the lighting needs of different environments, but also saves energy to the greatest extent.

Star Solar Street Light


SOKOYO's star solar street light combines the advantages of green lighting, energy saving and environmental protection, and embellishing the urban scenery. It has a compact structure and a simple and smooth shape. The whole lamp is made of high-pressure cast aluminum, which is impact-resistant, and the surface is treated with pure polyester electrostatic spraying, which is corrosion-resistant. Waterproof grade: IP66. For long-term outdoor use of street lights, Xingchen solar street lights are resistant to solar ultraviolet rays, rain and snow, wind and sand, etc. in terms of weather resistance, and have absolute safety guarantees in use, so they are especially suitable for hot and humid environments.

Cloud Light LED Solar Street Light


Yunguang is a mini LED solar street light developed and produced by SOKOYO. The product size is only 835*202*88mm, the product weight is 5.3kg, it is easy to transport and install, and it adopts modular design for easy replacement. Widely used in communities, villas and home backyards. Although it is small in size, it has a good lighting effect. Even if it is installed on a 4M light pole, the lighting effect is not inferior, and it can be read under the lamp. It is deeply loved by dealers in Southeast Asia, especially island countries.

"Do a good job in every light and become the most professional solar street light manufacturer", as a company specializing in the production of solar street lights, SOKOYO currently has professional production workshops for solar panels, lithium batteries, solar controllers, LED lamps, light poles, etc. 80,000 square meters, and independently developed a solar street light control system, realizing the complete self-production of solar street light components. At present, nearly 1 million sets of products have been used all over the world and have withstood the test of different use environments.