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SOKOYO Solar Lighting: Do a Good Job in Every Light

SOKOYO Solar Lighting: Do a Good Job in Every Light

"Customer-centric, surpassing customer satisfaction" is the service concept of SOKOYO Solar Lighting. In order to better serve customers, the company conducts various trainings every year to improve the business ability of employees. Recently, SOKOYO Solar Lighting conducted induction training for newly recruited employees. The training lasted for 15 days, including the understanding of corporate culture, corporate products, and practical training in theory and on-site workshops.



Taking solar street lights as the only product

Jiangsu SOKOYO Solar Lighting Co., Ltd. is a production-oriented enterprise specializing in the production of solar energy and green lighting products. Since the establishment of SOKOYO Solar Lighting in 2008, it has established a company positioning with solar street lights as the only product. Since the establishment of the company, the company has focused on the research and development and production of solar street light products without any distractions. Tests for different usage environments.


Make every light well and become the most professional solar street light manufacturer

With the vision of "doing a good job in every light and becoming the most professional solar street light manufacturer", SOKOYO Solar Lighting has invested more than 100 million yuan to build 80,000 square meters of solar panels, LEDs, light poles, colloidal batteries, and lithium batteries. It has independently developed a solar street light control system, and realized the complete self-production of solar street light components, with an annual production capacity of 300 million yuan.

During more than ten days of practical training, new employees went to the battery panel workshop, lithium battery workshop, assembly workshop, module workshop, lamp processing workshop, and lamp pole workshop to receive professional on-site learning and guidance, and to have a deeper understanding of the company's product production process and Quality control.


Under the guidance of ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards, SOKOYO Solar Lighting implements standard inspection and testing procedures and follows a very strict quality control process. The company has a professional laboratory of 1,000 square meters, with more than 40 testing equipment for distributed photometer, IP protection level test, high and low temperature test, photovoltaic simulation and other safety environmental testing, physical performance, safety performance, electrical performance, optical performance and other testing equipment tower. He has successively participated in "Solar Photovoltaic Lighting Manual", "Photovoltaic Street Light Application Design Standard", "Photovoltaic Street Light Engineering Construction and Acceptance Standard", "General Specification for Super Capacitors for Street Lights", "Performance and Function of Battery Charge Controller for Photovoltaic System", etc. Compilation and formulation of relevant standards.

Create standardized, stereotyped and intelligent solar street light products

With the continuous development of solar street light application and technology, SOKOYO Solar Lighting has further increased investment in automated production and research and development, and is committed to creating standardized, stereotyped and intelligent solar street light products.

At present, the company's products include all-in-one lights, two-body lights, split lights, city circuit lights and other products. The products have been successfully used in the Iraqi project of the United Nations Office for Project Services, the Yemen project, the United Nations Development Agency's Syria project, and the World Bank Bangladesh IDCOL 1 million sets Solar street light project, Shenyang International Cameroon Project, Henan International and Sinohydro Senegal Project, China Railway First Bureau Kiribati Project, Benin National Project, Indonesia and Philippines National Project, Thailand 100,000 Solar Street Light National Project and other large-scale domestic and foreign projects.

At the same time, SOKOYO solar street lights are developing intelligently, and products can also be designed according to customer requirements, providing various intelligent lighting system platforms, and controlling the entire system through applications or computers, which is convenient for management and operation.