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SOKOYO Solar Lighting NOVA

SOKOYO Solar Lighting NOVA

With the acceleration of China's urbanization construction process, the acceleration of urban infrastructure construction, the state's attention to the development and construction of new countryside, and the market demand for solar street lamp products are gradually expanding.

For urban lighting, traditional lighting equipment consumes a lot of energy. The solar street lamp can reduce the power consumption of lighting, which is an important way to save energy. For the new rural areas, solar street lamps rely on technical advantages, using solar panels to convert into electricity for lighting use, breaking the limitations of traditional street lamps using municipal electricity, realizing rural self-sufficiency lighting. New rural solar street lamps solve the problems of rural power consumption and high electricity costs.

However, at present, there are more and more solar street lamp manufacturers. How to choose solar street lamps and distinguish them from good ones? We can focus on the following four aspects to screen:

1)Solar Panel:Generally speaking, the conversion rate of polycrystalline silicon is 14% - 19%, while that of monocrystalline silicon can reach 17% - 23%.

2)Storage Battery:Good solar street lamp to ensure sufficient lighting time and brightness, to achieve this, the requirements of the battery is not low, at present, the battery of solar street lamp is generally a lithium-ion battery.

3)Controller:The uninterrupted solar controller is required to work for 24 hours. If the energy consumption of the solar controller itself is relatively high, it will consume more electric energy. We need to centralize the power supply and supply the lighting components as much as possible so that the solar street lamp can better emit light and play a better lighting function and effect. The best controller of solar street lamp is less than 1mA.

In addition, the controller should have the function of single lamp control, which can reduce the overall brightness or automatically turn off one or two lighting channels to save energy when there are few cars and few people. It should also have an MPPT function (maximum power point capture) to ensure that the controller can track the maximum power of the solar panel to charge the battery and improve the power generation efficiency.

4)Light Source:The quality of the LED light source will directly affect the effect of a solar street lamp. Ordinary LED has always been a problem of heat dissipation, low light efficiency, fast light decay, and short light source life.

Since founded in 2008, Jiangsu SOKOYO Solar Lighting Co., Ltd. has established its position of taking solar street lamp as its only product. It has invested more than 70 million RMB to build four 80000 square meters production bases of solar panel, led, lamp pole, gel battery and lithium battery. It has independently developed the solar street lamp control system, realizing the complete solar street lamp components of self-produced with an annual production capacity of 500 million RMB.

Its independent research and development of patented products include Nova, Solo, Teco, Conco, Intense, Deco and other solar street lamp products, which are widely used in domestic and foreign markets and have withstood the test of different user environments.

Recently, NOVA all-in-one and optical storage integrated system launched by SOKOYO solar lighting has been highly praised.


NOVA integrated street light is a small-scale solar power generation system that uses solar panels to supply power, stores the energy of the battery in lithium batteries, and supplies the energy in the lithium batteries to the LED lights at night. The power supply system is mainly composed of solar panels, lithium batteries, photovoltaic controllers, lamps, LED modules and so on.


Solar Panel: Using high-efficiency single crystal silicon, photoelectric conversion rate up to 18%, long life span.

Storage Battery:32650 lithium iron phosphate battery,up to 2000 deep cycles, safe and reliable, no fire, no explosion.

Smart Controller: With intelligent control of lighting time, overcharge, over-discharge, electronic short circuit, overload protection, anti-reverse connection protection, and other functions, it can adapt to cold, high temperature, humidity and another environment. 

Light Source: 3030 lamp chip, high strength imported PC optical lens, batwing type light distribution, achieve uniform light distribution, greatly improve the lighting effect. Take the 80W parameter as an example:

Optical Storage Integrated System  

As a professional solar light manufacturer, SOKOYO provides solar lighting optical storage integrated system that contains heat dissipation profile, lithium iron phosphate battery, solar TV version, visual control system, installation sleeve, and other components. LiFePO4 battery has the advantages of high efficiency, light and convenient operation, long service life, inhibition of battery polarization, reduction of thermal effect, and improvement of rate performance. The heat transfer profile has an excellent thermal conductivity which is conducive to accelerating the heat exchange and taking away more heat, so as to achieve the ideal heat dissipation effect.

With the continuous development of solar street lamp application and technology, SOKOYO solar lighting will further increase the investment in automation production and R & D. We strive to create standardized, stereotyped, and intelligent solar street lamp products.