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80W SOKOYO Solar Street Lights in Vietnam

80W SOKOYO Solar Street Lights in Vietnam

Project Time: 2020

Installation Site:  Countryside road

Project Capital: US$ 0.5 million

Configuration: 80W solar street light with lithium battery back of the solar panel.

SOKOYO's 80W solar powered led street lights with 8M pole in Vietnam, 12000 lumens with battery under the solar panel


Vietnam customers are called SOKOYO. They were looking for high-quality solar street lights for their government project. It was their first time doing a government project, so they hoped to show something different to their government.

Our manager presented an 80W solar street light with an 8M pole hot-dip galvanized and powder coating. The customer advised that they need passivating treatment for their pole, and they also need a battery under solar panels. Our pole engineer joined in the meeting and confirmed passivating treatment is no problem.


We decided to build an extra bracket to hold the battery under the solar panel.

After a few rounds of Zoom meetings with the customers, they decided to give the order to the SOKOYO team. As the customers were worried about the scratching on the pole during shipping, we convinced them to pack the pole with white cotton to prevent any scratching on the pole.

When the customers got the shipment and completed the installation, they found the solar street light's average illumination is very nice and attractive, and they feel it is so proud to show SOKOYO solar street light to their government. The fantastic performance brings them a trustable reputation.


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