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SOKOYO Solar Street Lights Are Highly Energy-efficient and Easy to Maintain

SOKOYO Solar Street Lights Are Highly Energy-efficient and Easy to Maintain

According to calculations by authoritative organizations, China's electricity consumption for lighting accounts for about 12% of the country's electricity consumption, and outdoor lighting is an important public facility in people's daily lives. There are more than 100 million outdoor lighting fixtures such as street lights and garden lights in the country, which account for about 30% of the lighting power consumption. The power consumption is amazing. This is an important way to promote the application of solar energy and other renewable energy in the lighting field.

However, in the development process of solar street lights, problems such as disorderly competition, false standard parameters, cutting corners, and false promises have emerged one after another. How to distinguish the pros and cons of solar street lights on the market? 

Here is the introduction to Intense solar street lights developed by SOKOYO Solar Lighting.


Ⅰ. The solar street light has efficient light source and provides uniform illumination

Intense solar street lights use advanced LED chips, and the lumen can reach 160lm/w. Batwing lighting provides the best uniformity. Its efficiency, life span and reliability are in line with international standards. The color temperature can be adjusted with seasonal changes, and it can be flexibly converted from 3000 to 6500k to meet the lighting needs of different environments. For example, solar park lights, commercial solar parking lot lights, all in one solar street light with camera, etc. With advanced technologies, we can provide these products.



Ⅱ. The solar street light has good heat dissipation and longer service life

Most solar street lights use LED light sources, which have a long service life, but its service life is affected by external factors in addition to its own conditions. If you want to increase the service life of the LED light source, you should pay attention to its heat dissipation and constant current. A good heat dissipation function is the basis for controlling the internal temperature of the lamp.


Intense solar street lights use heat sinks with excellent thermal conductivity, with large internal cavity space and large heat exchange area, which can take away more heat.

At the same time, the sturdy die-cast aluminum material and model design can withstand rigorous wind blowing tests and have sufficient safety guarantee in harsh environments.

Ⅲ. The solar street light has modular design and it's easy to install and maintain

Intense two-body solar street light is a new design that integrates the lithium battery and the controller on the lamp housing. Just connect the solar panel, and the connection is designed with a buckle, which can be opened and closed quickly. The LED module is detachable, replaceable, easy to install and maintain, and save maintenance costs. The street light makes full use of the solar power supply system, which is environmentally friendly.



smart controller:


1) After the protection of the lithium battery protection board is cut off, the controller can be charged through the solar panel.

2) Built-in high-efficiency boost constant current module, specially designed for LED solar street lights.

3) According to the remaining capacity of the lithium battery, the load power can be automatically adjusted, which can extend the lighting time by 90% compared with ordinary controllers.

4) With morning light mode, it can adapt to seasonal changes.

5) Constant current output, can adapt to a variety of series and parallel LED lights.

6) With a four-period control function, users can set the working current of the LED lamp by themselves.

7) Fully waterproof design, protection level reaches IP67.