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SOKOYO Teco Two-in-one Solar Street Light: Reduce Carbon Emissions and Promote Carbon Neutrality

SOKOYO Teco Two-in-one Solar Street Light: Reduce Carbon Emissions and Promote Carbon Neutrality

New energy is an important part of China's energy supply system. During the two sessions in 2021, the National Energy Administration proposed to formulate more active new energy development goals and accelerate the promotion of carbon peaks and carbon neutrality. The application of solar photo-voltaic new energy is an important means to reduce carbon emissions.

Outdoor lighting is an important public facility in people's daily life. There are more than 100 million outdoor lighting fixtures such as street lights and garden lights in China, accounting for about 30% of the lighting power consumption, and the power consumption is amazing. The development of solar street lights is an important way to save energy and reduce emissions.

Since its establishment, SOKOYO has focused on the research and development and production of solar street lighting products. Now it has achieved independent research and development and independent production of all products. At present, nearly 1 million sets of products have been used all over the world and have withstood the test of different use environments.

In this article, we will focus on SOKOYO Teco two-in-one solar street lights.

1. Bat wing light design, a more uniform light distribution

The quality of the LED light source will directly affect the use of solar street lights. Teco two-in-one solar street light uses 5050 LED chip LED module, reaching 160 lumens/watt or more. The intelligent control system supports customized lighting methods to reduce power consumption. The color temperature can be adjusted according to the seasons, and the flexible conversion from 3000 to 6500k can meet the lighting needs of different environments.


The bat-wing light source design makes the light distribution more uniform and the lighting area is wider.


2. Integrated design, more convenient installation

The Teco two-in-one solar street light adopts a patented design. The battery and controller are inside the lamp body, which is more convenient to install and no cable connection is required.



The solar panel can be tilted vertically to its optimal position to obtain the highest charging efficiency.


3. Safe and reliable with long service life

The Teco two-in-one solar street light uses high-efficiency LED modules, waterproof lamp housings, long-life lithium batteries and smart solar charge controllers.

(1) Battery: In a solar power system, the performance of the battery directly affects the overall cost of the system, as well as its operation and service life. The Teco two-in-one solar street light battery provides a longer life, can reach 1500 deep cycles, and has a wide operating temperature range. The battery will not catch fire or explode, and is safe and reliable.

(2) Controller: Intelligent solar charge controller is used to control the automatic turn-on and turn-off of the light. After the lithium battery protection board is protected from power failure, the controller can be charged through the solar panel; the built-in high-efficiency boost constant current module is converted to an LED solar street light design; It can automatically adjust the load power according to the remaining capacity of the lithium battery, and can extend the lighting time by 90% compared with ordinary controllers.


The controller has a morning light mode, which can adapt to seasonal changes; it can output constant current and can adapt to a variety of series and parallel LED lights; it has a four-time control function, and users can set the working current of the LED lights by themselves; it is fully waterproof design, protection level reaches IP67, provides more than 6 years of working time, no need to replace.

(3) Model design: rugged and stable model design, can withstand strict wind tests, and has sufficient safety guarantee in harsh environments. The lamp shell is made of ADC12 high-pressure aluminum alloy die-casting, which is impact-resistant and rust-resistant. And the shot blasting surface adopts high temperature electrostatic spraying, the IP68 waterproof and dustproof advantages ensure the stability of the product.


Teco two-in-one solar street lights have been successfully used in street lighting, courtyard lighting, park trail lighting, landscape river lighting, township road lighting, etc.


With the original intention of adhering to quality and self-discipline with the highest requirements, SOKOYO Solar Lighting Co., Ltd., as a professional solar light manufacturer, has accumulated more than 3,000 cooperative customers. With the continuous development of solar street light application and technology, SOKOYO solar street light will further increase investment in automated production and research and development and strive to create standardized, stereotyped and intelligent solar street light products.