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Solar Parking Lot Lighting

Solar Parking Lot Lighting

If you have a parking lot project, please take a look at SOKOYO Solar Parking LoT Lighting. Our solar-powered parking IoT lights are grid-independent, allowing you to add as many lights as you need without trenching to the main service panel or digging through existing concrete or asphalt lots. Good electricians also get paid more, so the savings from lower installation costs more than makeup for the increased costs of higher manufacturers' prices. You could add the light where you need it.

Solar Parking Lot Lighting

Advantages of Solar Parking Lot Lighting

Highly Automatic

SOKOYO's solar parking lot lights work automatically. No human intervention of this solar induction street light is required. 

Highly Advanced

Now some of our solar-powered parking lot lights can be integrated with a camera.


The installation of the solar LED parking lot lights is also a good investment if you're looking for a way to reduce your company's carbon emission and the energy you consume on a daily basis. It can keep your parking lot well-lit at night. 

Monitoring Function

Besides the lighting, solar park lights can also undertake the monitoring function.


Our commercial solar LED parking lot lights normally use Philip LUMILEDS LED Chip 3030 or 5050.


SOKOYO can provide different designs for our commercial solar-powered parking IoT lights, so as to better meet the requirements of different customers.

How Many Lumens Do You Need To Light A Parking Lot?

Normally, to adequately light up a parking lot, commercial solar LED parking lot lights with 20,000 lumens or above are needed. And the space between the poles should be about 20 feet apart. However, this is just for the average situation. The actual installation of solar LED parking lot lights should take various factors into consideration. For instance, if you are considering buying commercial solar parking lot lights for the entrance and exit for a parking lot, then you will need solar led parking lot light with higher lumens as you need to ensure the smooth communication between the toll collector and the drivers. The places where signs and markings are put also needs solar powered parking lot lights with higher lumens.

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