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Solar Street Light Working Principle

Solar Street Light Working Principle

We hope this article can help you understand the working principle of solar street lights, and at the same time have a basic concept when purchasing, the solar street light industry is mixed, we hope you can buy high-quality and durable solar street light products.

Firstly, please see the image for solar street light working principle.


Secondly, the solar street lighting system uses photovoltaic technology to convert sunlight into DC electricity through solar cells(①). The generated electricity can either be used directly during the day or may be stored in the batteries(④) for use during night hours.

Next, let's talk about the 5 components of solar street lights.

①Solar Panel

The panels are divided into two types: mono solar street light and poly solar street light.

1. Shape: The mono silicon rod is a cylinder, which is cut into a wafer. In order to ensure the utilization rate, it is made into a square chamfered shape. Since the raw material for polycrystalline is a cube, it is a square after production.

2. Performance and parameters, voltage: monocrystalline cells and polycrystalline cells are both 0.5v each. After cutting, it is still 0.5v, which is the physical characteristics of solar cells.

3. Color: Before lamination, monocrystalline cells are dark blue, and polycrystalline cells are light blue. After packaging, the monocrystalline cells are black, and the polycrystalline cells are dark blue. Glass and eva melting layer refraction gives a deepening effect of vision.

The color difference is only a process difference, so it does not affect the power generation of photovoltaic modules and longevity, and hidden cracks are not easy to find, be sure to pay attention when purchasing.

②LED Lamp

LED lamp beads are "light emitting diodes". The light source of LED lamps usually refers to LED lamp beads, which are the core components of lamps and lanterns. The quality of LED lamp beads largely determines the performance and life of lamps.

The advantages of LED include high luminous efficiency; energy saving; long life; strong safety and reliability; environmental protection.

Of course, in terms of the measurement indicators of the entire street lights, luminous flux, luminous efficiency, luminous intensity, illuminance, color temperature, illuminance uniformity, color rendering, and average road illuminance are all important parameters. For more information, please refer to SOKOYO's lighting parameters for comparison.

③Intelligence Controller

With the function of lighting time control, overcharge, over-discharge, electronic circuit, overload protection, anti-reverse protection, etc. It can adapt to cold, high temperatures, humidity, and other environments.

The controller is the "brain" of the entire solar lighting system. The different systems, it is also divided into the lead-acid colloidal solar controller, lithium battery solar controller, mains complementary controller, LED drive controller, and IoT solar controller.


④Lithium Battery

Just like the light fixture, the solar street light working principle cannot be effective without solar street rechargeable batteries. During the day, these batteries are meant for storing electric energy from the solar panel. Generally, solar street light is known for having two kinds of batteries: lead-acid batteries and gel cell deep cycle batteries.

Special reminder, please use gel batteries in places with low temperatures all year round and bury them deep underground.

When purchasing, you must carefully check the quality of the battery, and you can request a third-party inspection. SOKOYO battery report

⑤Light Pole

Strong poles are of great significance to the solar street light working principle since panels, fixtures, and in some cases, like split solar street light, batteries are mounted on them. In SOKOYO, our light poles can be used for more than 20 years.

Here's a brief introduction to how to install lights, for details, please contact our regional manager.

At last, solar street lights are generally divided into integrated (all in one) solar street lights, all in two solar street lights, and split solar street lights.

You can choose suitable products according to your budget and parameter requirements. If you want to know more, please contact us - professional solar street light manufacturer SOKOYO