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Urban Road Llighting Safety Inspection Standard

Urban Road Llighting Safety Inspection Standard

The safety inspection standard for urban road lighting, edited by Jinan City Lighting Service Center and participated by Weifang Municipal Public Utility Service Center, was released and implemented on November 1. The standard is a Chinese municipal industry group standard, which is managed by China Municipal Engineering Association.

As early as 2015, all the newly-built or reconstructed road lighting facilities in the central area of Weifang have been constructed in accordance with the lighting quality inspection standards, creating the "iris mode" of road lighting.


Road lighting is not simply about how many street lamps are erected, but the layout, pole spacing, illumination, brightness, and uniformity of the street solar LED lights should be scientifically designed according to the width, length, and surrounding conditions of the road. The technical personnel of Weifang Municipal Public Utility Service Center said that the average illumination maintenance value of urban road main road is generally 30lx. The low value of the lighting effect is not good. Too much high value not only can not achieve an energy-saving effect but also cause a visual impact on drivers and pedestrians. Therefore, how to set the road lighting value of each different road condition scientifically and accurately is also knowledge.


Since 2015, all newly-built or reconstructed street lamps in the central urban area of Weifang should be inspected by qualified third-party inspection institutions after the completion of the lighting quality, which is also the earliest in Shandong Province. Technical staff told reporters: "All bidding enterprises participate in the bidding. We must pass the lighting quality test terms written in the contract."


The standard is compiled on the basis of extensive investigation and research, a careful summary of practical experience, and reference to foreign advanced standards. The release of the standard will help ensure the safety and quality of urban road lighting projects, standardize the requirements and methods of urban road lighting safety detection, improve the management level of urban road lighting, and promote the healthy development of the urban road lighting industry.