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How to Choose a Reliable Solar Street Light?

How to Choose a Reliable Solar Street Light?

As an important energy source in the development and utilization of new energy at this stage, solar energy is an important development direction of the world's energy utilization and can effectively reduce the consumption of conventional energy. With the adjustment of China's energy structure, "new" energy is constantly replacing "old" energy. At the same time, benefiting from the investment in national infrastructure construction, the development of solar cells and LED lighting technology, the photovoltaic lighting market is ushering in an explosive period, and the market prospects for solar street lamps are very broad.

However, the quality of solar street lamp manufacturers on the market is uneven, fake chips, exaggerated configuration parameters, poor heat dissipation design, copper wires pretending to be gold wires, and controller problems are endless. When purchasing solar street lights, pay attention to avoid falling into the traps given by the manufacturers. So, how to choose a reliable solar street light manufacturer?

Brand reputation and professionalism of the solar street light

To examine whether a product's quality has passed, we often see whether the company is focused. SOKOYO Solar Lighting Co., Ltd. has been focusing on making high-quality solar street lights. 

At the beginning of its establishment in 2008, Jiangsu SOKOYO Solar Lighting Co., Ltd. established the company's positioning with solar street lights as the only product, and successively invested more than 70 million yuan. It has built five 80,000 square meters production bases including solar panels, LEDs, light poles, lamps, and lithium batteries, and independently researched and developed solar street light control systems to realize the complete self-production of solar street light components, with an annual production capacity of 500 million yuan. The domestic market mainly cooperates with large state-owned enterprises, double A-qualified lighting and listed lighting companies; foreign markets are mainly sold to countries in Africa, Southeast Asia and the Middle East.

Quality of the solar street light

SOKOYO Solar Lighting independently researched and developed patented products including Xingchen, Berger, Venus, Harmony, Feiyue, Hongyan, Anthurium, Yunfan and other solar street light products are widely used in domestic and foreign markets, and have withstood the test of different use environments.

Take SOKOYO Solar Lighting's flying over solar street lights as an example.

The street lamp lighting system is mainly composed of solar panels, battery panel brackets, photovoltaic controllers, batteries, LED lamps, and hot-dip galvanized light poles.



Solar cell module

Convert light energy into DC electrical energy

Battery board bracket

Used to support solar panels

Solar Controller

Control the solar panel to charge the battery and convert the DC power into AC power that can be used by the AC load

lithium battery

Storage of DC power converted from photovoltaics

LED Lamps

Provide efficient light energy lighting

Hot-dip galvanized light pole

Support the whole system of solar lighting

KY-FY.TYN-001 model is a series of LED lamps designed by SOKOYO patented, power 20W-40W, modular integrated design, integrated light-weight lithium battery and controller inside the lamp, easy to install and maintain, patented lens bat-type light distribution , which makes the light distribution more uniform.

1. Light source:

The bat-wing light distribution is formed through the patented lens, which realizes the uniform distribution of light and greatly improves the lighting effect


Using Philips light source chips, the light output, luminous efficiency, and service life have reached international standards. The color temperature can be adjusted according to seasonal changes. The 3000K-5700K cold and warm light can be switched to meet the lighting needs of different environments.



2. Heat dissipation:

Most solar street lights use LED light sources because they can reduce energy consumption. The most important thing is that LED light sources have a long service life, but in addition to their own conditions, their service life is also affected by external factors. If you want to increase the service life of the LED light source, you should pay attention to its heat dissipation and constant current, especially for the outdoor led street light. A good heat dissipation function is the basis for controlling the internal temperature of the lamp. Keeping the internal temperature of the lamp constant can prolong the service life of the LED lamp beads.


SOKOYO solar street light uses a heat sink with excellent thermal conductivity, and the heat exchange area is large, which is conducive to speeding up heat exchange and taking away more heat, so as to achieve the ideal heat dissipation effect.

3. Rod body:

Q235 steel is used as the raw material of the light pole, hot-dip galvanizing is used as the light pole process, and electrostatic spraying is carried out at the same time to ensure the life of the light pole and anti-corrosion and rust prevention.

Both cold galvanizing and hot galvanizing are for anti-corrosion and prolong the service life of street lights. The appearance of hot-dip galvanizing is slightly rougher than that of cold-dip galvanizing, and it is silver-white. The appearance is prone to process water lines and a few drippings, especially at one end of the workpiece. However, the slightly rough hot-dip galvanized zinc layer is dozens of times thicker than electro-galvanized, and its corrosion resistance is also dozens of times that of cold galvanized.

4. Lithium battery:

SOKOYO lighting solar street light uses lithium iron phosphate batteries, which have the following advantages:

1) Long service life, deep cycle up to more than 1000 times;

2) Safe use, no fire, no explosion, safe and reliable;

3) Wide operating temperature range;

4)The volume of a lithium battery with the same capacity is about two-thirds of the volume of a colloidal battery;

5) Charging speed block.

5. Smart controller:


1) After the protection of the lithium battery protection board is cut off, the controller can be charged through the solar panel;

2) Built-in high-efficiency boost constant current module, converted to LED solar street light design;

3) According to the remaining capacity of the lithium battery, the load power can be automatically adjusted, which can extend the lighting time by 90% compared with ordinary controllers;

4) With morning light mode, it can adapt to seasonal changes;

5) Constant current output, can adapt to a variety of series and parallel LED lights;

6) With a four-period control function, users can set the working current of the LED lamp by themselves;

7) Fully waterproof design, protection level reaches IP67.

The same series as Feiyue Solar Street Lights are Hongtai Solar Street Lights:


They have been successfully applied in actual cases and have a good reputation.



The popularization of solar street lights is a good thing for the country and the people. SOKOYO Solar Lighting also hopes that the whole industry will put an end to fake and shoddy products, achieve healthy competition, promote the good development of the industry, and provide the society with the most assured and high-quality solar street lights.