SOKOYO Solar Lighting Co., Ltd.
SOKOYO Solar Lighting Co., Ltd.

Established in 2008, SOKOYO is a professional solar street light manufacturer integrating R&D, manufacturing and sales in one. We are specialized in independent R&D and production of LED luminaires, module light sources, solar panels, lithium battery energy storage systems and light poles.

Main components of solar street light

  • 1 Light source

    LED chips with international famous brand are used with even lighting and no glares. There is independent street light luminosity test report with customizable 3030/5050/7070 light bead, satisfying the roadway lighting demands for urban expressways and urban main roads. Innovative lens design and bat wing light distribution make the light distribution more uniform. Meanwhile, there is high light transmittance and small loss, which solves the customers’ advance appeals for energy saving and environmental protection. 

  • Solar panel

    95% of SOKOYO efficient solar cells are Grade-A cells without metallurgical silicon scraps. The appearance of the cells is even in color, there is no color difference or mechanical injury on the surface of the cells, and all cells have no invisible cracks and corner damage. The conversion rate reaches 19% and above. Meanwhile, an independent design of a high-strength aluminum frame is adopted to prevent deformation or breakage of solar panel frame due to extreme weather or other acting forces. 

  • Battery

    Iron phosphate lithium battery is a kind of green energy-saving energy storage products free of poison or pollution. It is safe and high-temperature resistant with long service life, big capacity, light weight and no memorability. The service life of lithium battery is 1.5 times of that of traditional colloidal battery. In our solar street light system, we integrate lithium battery and controller into one storage control module, so as to be convenient for installation and improvement of system stability. Colloidal batteries are suggested in extremely cold areas.

  • Controller

    SOKOYO controller has many functions such as overcharging,overcurrent overflow, short circuit and

    Reverse Discharging Protection. As a fully-sealed water-proof controller, SOKOYO controller uses unlimited remote control setting technology without any external fitting, can work underwater and meanwhile have excellent performance in water prevention, dust prevention and rust resistance. The work of coordinating the solar panel, battery and light source is the brain of the system. 

  • Light pole

    The light pole and foundation screw mainly use Q235 steel, and Q355\Q390 can be customized. The pole height is 3m-12m. There are different support arm designs such as single arm or double arms, covering different roadway lighting demands from garden to country road, urban main road and urban expressway, etc. The light pole and foundation concrete both can satisfy the strength requirements of no deformation or damage under the limit of Level-13 typhoon.

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