SOKOYO Solar Lighting Co., Ltd.
SOKOYO Solar Lighting Co., Ltd.


  • 01
    Detection Capacity

    We have built a 1,000m² of the professional laboratory with distributed photometer for optical performance tests, integrating sphere, photovoltaic simulation, physical performance test IP protection and IK grade test, various safety regulations, and environmental tests for safety performance tests as well as over 40 sets of detection equipment in aspects such as electrical property.

  • 02
    Participated Standards

    We have participated successively in the compilation and formulation of relevant standards such as Manual for Solar Photovoltaic Lighting, Design Standards for the Application of Photovoltaic Street Lights, Engineering Construction and Acceptance Standards for Photovoltaic Street Lights, General Specifications for Supercapacitors for Street Lights, Performance and Functions of Battery Charging Controller for Photovoltaic System.

  • 03
    Related Certifications

    We passed ISO9001 product quality system certification, environmental management system 14001 certification, occupational health and safety management system 18001 certification, solar street light CQC certification, CGC-solar certification, CE certificate, RoHS certification, TUV certification and CB certification for the complete system of lithium battery solar street light recognized by multiple countries in the world.

  • 04
    Production Capacity

    We have a professional production workshop of 40,000 ㎡ covering solar panels, lithium batteries, solar controllers, and LED lamps as well as over 200 sets of various production equipment with annual sales of RMB 0.5 billion.

  • 05
    Related Services

    We can provide customers with DIALUX road simulation reports, installation effect drawings, CAD drawings, and other preliminary designs, wind resistance grade designs and program suggestions, optimizations, and other related services for projects.


Enterprise Value & Philosophy

  • Company Positioning
    Professional solar street light manufacturer
  • Company Philosophy
    Make every light well for the customer
  • Company Vision
    Light up every road back home
  • Product Positioning
    Focus on design, R&D, and production with proprietary intellectual property rights
  • Market Positioning
    Domestic and overseas customers with high product standards and requirements


Development History
  • 2008-2010

    Founded in 2008, the company is positioned to professionally develop and manufacture solar street lamps. It is one of the earliest companies in China to enter the solar street lamp industry. From 2009 to 2010, invested 30 million yuan to build a production base of 10,000 square meters.

  • 2011-2012

    2011: We participated in the compilation of the "Solar Photovoltaic Lighting Handbook" initiated by the China Illuminating Society; participated in the drafting of the "Rural Solar Photovoltaic Outdoor Lighting Installation Specifications" initiated by the Ministry of Agriculture.

  • 2013-2017

    In 2013, in order to improve the industrial chain, it invested 36 million yuan to integrate Jiangsu Alison Battery Co., Ltd., entered the energy storage battery industry for solar street lamps, and realized the self-production of batteries for solar street lamps. In 2017, it was rated as a "Science and Technology SME" in Jiangsu Province.

  • 2018-2019

    Participated in the formulation of the national standard of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology's "General Specifications for Supercapacitors for Street Lamps"; established a Senegal office; in the same year, the company was rated as a "Major Global Solar Street Lamp Participating Enterprise" by a number of international research institutions; invested 20.58 million yuan, Established a wholly-owned subsidiary Yangzhou Owell Smart City Technology Company.

  • 2019-2021

    In 2019, the Guangzhou office was established. In 2021, participate in the formulation of the national standard "Performance and Function of Battery Charge Controller for Photovoltaic System" by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology; participate in the formulation of the "Standard Specification for Photovoltaic Street Lamp Application Design" by the China Illuminating Society; participate in the Construction and Acceptance of Photovoltaic Street Lamp Project by China.

  • 2022-2023

    In 2022, in order to meet production needs, invest 300 million yuan to build a new production base of 45,000 square meters. In the same year, Shenzhen Office and Australia Office were established, and it was named "Jiangsu Provincial Enterprise Technology Center". In 2023, it will move to the new production base for production and office.

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