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SOKOYO Solar Lighting Co., Ltd.
Project Details
  • Application of Sokoyo Solar Street Light in Yemen

    Project Time: In 2023

    Installation Location: Yemen

    Configurations: 9M 80W CONCO split type solar street light

    Quantity: 350 sets

    In Yemen's street light, our all in two solar street lights stand out. Efficient and easy to install, they enhance aesthetics while offering reliable, sustainable lighting. Tailored to Yemen's conditions, these lights exemplify SOKOYO's commitment to quality. For more information, contact us.

  • Application of Sokoyo Solar Street Light in Yemen

    Project Time: In 2022

    Installation Location: Yemen

    Configurations: 8M 80W CONCO All in two solar street light

    Quantity: 350 sets

    This is the latest project in Middle Eastern region and it is located in Hadramout, Yemen. The model selected in this project is 80W Conco all in two solar street light, which is installed on a light pole of 8m integrating single crystal silicon solar panel with high conversion rate, LED light module with high light efficiency, intelligent battery management system and efficient controller into one. The battery and controller are both integrated onto the solar panel, and meanwhile the LED uses high-strength imported PC optical lens and bat airfoil light distribution design, proving even light distribution.

  • Application of Sokoyo Solar Street Light in Saudi Arabia

    Project Time: In 2021

    Installation Location: Saudi Arabia

    Configurations: 6M 30W LUMO  Split solar street light

    Quantity: 1500 sets

    NEOM CAMP City is a city newly developed in Saudi Arabia, where the solar system is used as a major power supply. 6M 30W Lumo split solar street light is provided according to the road width required by the customer. After Dialux simulation report and effect picture are provided, the customer is very satisfied with our quotation and issues the purchased order. With close coordination with the customer, NEOM CAMP project runs well, and Sokoyo solar street light also makes contributions to the infrastructure of NEOM CAMP City.

  • Application of Sokoyo Solar Street Light in Syria

    Project Time: In 2019~2021

    Installation Location: Syria

    Configurations: 8M 60w specially customized solar street light

    Quantity: 450 sets

    Sokoyo positively responds to the Belt and Road Initiative proposed by the country and brings nighttime brightness for Syrian people who are still at war. Sokoyo sincerely hopes all countries on the world like Syria can have a bright night.

  • Application of Sokoyo Solar Street Light in United Arab Emirates

    Project Time: In 2019

    Installation Location: United Arab Emirates

    Configurations: 40W Specially Customized Solar Street Light

    China and the UAE established diplomatic ties on November 1, 1984. Since the establishment of diplomatic relations, China-UAE relations have made substantial progress. Both parties give mutual support to each other in issues concerning each other’s core interests and have realized rich pragmatic cooperation achievements in various fields. Sokoyo has customized an all in one solar street light according to local practical situations and road conditions in Sharjah City, UAE, making the urban infrastructure of Sharjah City even better, positively expanding local market and contributing its own effort to the construction of the Belt and Road Initiative.

  • Application of Sokoyo Solar Street Light in Bahrain

    Project Time: In 2019

    Installation Location: Bahrain

    Configurations: 40W Split Type Solar Street Light

    Traditional colloid batteries are all installed underground. However, there is a risk of theft for this installation mode. Combining local practical situations, Sokoyo changes the installation mode of colloid batteries to the top of the light pole and effectively solves this problem.

  • Application of Sokoyo Solar Street Light in Jordan

    Project Time: In 2019

    Installation Location: Jordan

    Configurations: 4M 30W Split Type Solar Street Light

    Sami Halasa, the Deputy Secretary-General of the State Council of Jordan, said that the experience of European countries in use of solar street lights must be used for reference for Jordanian public works and housings, and expected that it could save 50% of the lighting expense after replacing it with LED lighting.

    Sokoyo positively cooperates with local government to promote local energy transformation and bring benefits for local people to go out at night.

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