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Internet of Things Solar Street Lights

Real-time Monitoring: Traditional solar street light requires workers to check the service conditions of the light on a regular basis. Real-time monitoring can be made for solar street light through computer platform at any time without dispatching personnel for onsite inspection. If the lighting-up time is insufficient, reasons can be analyzed according to practical conditions.

Controllable Lighting Time: Parameters of solar street light can be changed remotely; the maintenance team is not required to change the setting one by one on the site. Light Dimming: Energies stored in the battery and the load power determine the specific lighting time. Under the premise that the sunshine is insufficient, the lighting-up time can be effectively extended by regulating and controlling the brightness in different time periods during the night.


1. MPPT controller + Zigbee communication




2.Real-time Monitoring of Solar Street Light

1-On-line state

The light connected to the gateway will show green.

Otherwise it will turn grey/off-line.

2-Equipment state

The icon when the light is on will show green.

When the light is off, it will turn grey.

3-Alarm for checking

Off-line alarm and luminaire failure


Setting of current brightness percentage.

5-Luminaire parameters

Data from MPPT Controller: System voltage, controller temperature, street light voltage, current, power, solar panel voltage, current, power and solar parameter settings.


3.Control Mode

1-Single light or gateway control, on/off control, dimming control

2-Gateway Group Control: Control the luminaires of the same group of gateways 

Don’t change the setting without professional assistance. Parameters wrongly corrected may damage the equipment

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