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  • 星辰太阳能分体灯
  • 人字臂支架
  • _1669022666
  • 星辰太阳能分体灯
  • 太阳能板多种角度支臂可选
  • 太阳能一字臂固定支架
  • 星辰太阳能分体灯
  • 人字臂支架
  • _1669022666
  • 星辰太阳能分体灯
  • 太阳能板多种角度支臂可选
  • 太阳能一字臂固定支架


Split Solar Street Light
Patented appearance design (appearance patent No.: 201730356707.0). Multiple colors available; modular integrated design, convenient installation and maintenance; effective energy conservation, extending service life of the whole light; patented lens and bat wing light distribution, making lighting more uniform.
20W/30W/40W 50W/60W
Model No.KY-F-XC-001
System Voltage
Lithium Battery256WH~768WH
Solar Panel

Model No.KY-F-XC-002
System VoltageDC12V/24V
Lithium Battery512WH~1024WH
Solar Panel90W~180W

Product Features

  • Design of bat wing light distribution, providing even light distribution.

  • Intelligent control system, providing lighting as required and reducing power consumption for the whole light.

  • Single crystal silicon solar panel with highest photoelectric conversion rate.

Product Structure Display

Technical Parameters

Model No.KY-F-XC-001KY-F-XC-002
Rated Power20W/30W/40W50W/60W
Input voltageDC12V
Lithium Battery12.8V/42AH12.8V/66AH
Solar Panel90W/18V120W/18V
Light Source3030/5050
Light DistributionBat-Wing light distribution(150°x75°)
Light Efficiency≥130LM/W
Color Temperature3000K/4000K/5700K/6500K
Working Temperature-40℃~+60℃
Lamp Weight3.4kg
LED Lifespan>50000H
Mount Diameterφ50mm
Lamp Dimension670×250×92mm
Packing Dimension685×400×270mm(4pc/CTN)
Suggested Mount Height6m~7m7m~8m

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