SOKOYO Solar Lighting Co., Ltd.
SOKOYO Solar Lighting Co., Ltd.


SOKOYO Advantages
  • Product development and customization for large-scale projects could be completed with direct supply from factory, assembly line operation mode and high performance cost ratio.

  • Leading electronic remote-control technology and modern intelligent production equipment guarantee precise production of products and reduce after-sales services

  • 16 years of independent design and R&D for full series of products with patents could achieve product differentiation.

  • Overseas third-party authoritative research institution evaluates us as a world-leading brand supplier and an excellent supplier for projects sponsored by the United Nations and World Bank

  • With mature training manual integrating products with sales, agents could deal with projects as per specific process without experience. Agents could easily copy corresponding experience with standard system

  • Excellent technical team, operation team and customer service team provide one package services for agents.


  • Join in Cooperation: Ownership and management right both belong to the franchisee. Meanwhile, franchise stores should use SOKOYO's unified appearance image and cooperate with each other in marketing activities, but the internal management and procurement are independent of each other

  • It is up to SOKOYO to decide in advertising and pricing strategies, but the franchisee has the right to make decisions in other aspect in local office.

  • The franchisee should develop the market in XX (region name) and acquire reasonable returns.

  • The franchisee should set up local office and team, develop and expand local market and be responsible for its own profits and losses.

  • The Company provides technical support, publicity support and website publicity support.


Areas with Agents

Area with Agents
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