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SOKOYO Solar Lighting Co., Ltd.

So far, SOKOYO Solar Stree Lighting has undertaken the Iraq project and Yemen project of United Nations Office for Project Services, Syria project of the United Nations Development Program, Bangladesh IDCOL one million sets of solar street light project of the World Bank, Shenyang International Cameroon Project, Henan International and Sinohydro Senegal Project, China Railway First Group Kiribati Project as well as national projects of Benin, Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, etc.;

Meanwhile, we also cooperated with OPPLE, TOSPO, AVIC and other large-scale international enterprises in solar street light projects.

We have accumulated experience of hundreds of domestic and overseas large-scale roadway lighting projects, creating feasible technology space for product innovation and upgrading.

  • Southeast Asia

    Due to its tropical location and sufficient sunshine amount all year round, Southeast Asia is always a hot spot for the application of solar energy.  Over the years, Sokoyo has developed deeply in this region, comprehensively understood the local market, and provided excellent services for hundreds of high-quality customers. In August 2021, Vietnamese customers of Sokoyo successfully initiated the project of a “solar light system lights up 2.2 kilometers around Phu Quoc International Airport”. Once this project was completed, built, and put into operation, its good lighting effect won a high reputation, acquired great support and praise from the local government, and exceeded the expected lighting target. In addition, the investors’ visions were expressed and the economic and environmental value was created. 

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  • Africa

    On average, African countries can receive strong sunshine in 325 days per year with a covering rate of 60,000,000/hour per day per square meter. Theoretical reserves of solar energies account for nearly 40% of the total global reserves. However, this region produces only 1% of the world's photovoltaic power, the electricity popularity rate for most countries is less than 50%, and there is no lighting in most non-trunk roads at night. Solar street light products can make good use of the advantage of sufficient local sunshine and transform it into electricity for roadway lighting. Sokoyo cooperates with Benin, Cameroon and other national government agencies, coordinates with fund plans of UNDP and WORLD BANK and becomes a major component for CHINA AID.  

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  • Middle East

    The climate in Middle Eastern region is dry and hot and lacks of rainfall through the year, thus it satisfies installation conditions of solar street lights. Solar street light products of Sokoyo could make good use of local solar energies and provide perfect solutions for roadway lighting. Sokoyo cooperates actively with multiple organizations of governments and the United Nations to provide solar street lights for Middle Eastern region all year round and solve well local energy shortage and new capital construction after the war.

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  • Latin America

    Because of special geographic environment and vast territory, Latin America enjoys exceptional advantages in development of new energies. In recent years, to deal with the crisis of climate changes, more and more Latin American countries have proposed the schedules of “carbon peak” and “carbon neutrality”. Therefore, as a policy-oriented product, solar street light is hopeful to see significant development in this region. Sokoyo assists customers acquiring local certification with excellent products and perfect certification systems, and completes dozens of local government engineering projects with different scales.

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  • Europe

    In recent years, the global energy crisis is getting worse, and Europe in particular is facing severe shortages. As a green renewable energy, demands on solar energies are increasing greatly due to the economic development and consumption upgrading in the European Union. Sokoyo promotes high-quality solar street light products conforming with European norms, assist in solving roadway lighting problems and contributing to global green energy and carbon neutrality.

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