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The second session of the seventh council of the Gaoyou City Lighting Association was successfully convened.

01.10. 2024

The second session of the seventh council of the Gaoyou City Lighting Association was successfully convened.

On the afternoon of January 5, 2023, at 2:00 p.m., the second session of the seventh council of the Gaoyou City Lighting Association was successfully held at Jiangsu Kaiyuan Solar Lighting Co., Ltd. The key leaders in attendance included Ma Zhou, member of the Gaoyou Municipal Committee and secretary of the Party Working Committee of the High-tech Zone, Wang Rongshan, the mayor of Songqiao Town, Zhou Jianfeng, director of the Gaoyou Municipal Development and Reform Commission, Cao Guozhong, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of Songqiao Town, and You Zeyong, the president of the Gaoyou Lighting Association. Representatives from the local lighting industry also gathered, collectively exploring the direction of industry development, sharing experiences and insights, contributing wisdom and strength to the prosperity of the lighting industry in Gaoyou City.





The meeting was presided over by Mr. Wan Youtian, the Secretary-General of the Gaoyou City Lighting Association. Firstly, President You delivered an important work report for the association this year, emphasizing the need for "two-way collaboration between government and enterprises for mutual development." He encouraged companies to actively "shift tracks," "develop new products," and engage in "cross-industry cooperation." Resilience in businesses is essential to promote the steady development of industrial clusters. President You highly praised the development of outstanding national and provincial benchmark enterprises. Through the association's efforts, cooperation within the Gaoyou lighting industry is promoted, fostering continuous innovation to embrace broader market opportunities.


Subsequently, Secretary Ma, Mayor Wang, and Director Zhou also delivered important speeches. They expressed their commitment to continue providing services for enterprises, increasing research and communication, and hoped that entrepreneurs could maintain a positive spirit. During the production process, they emphasized focusing on low-carbon and environmental protection-related work. They encouraged entrepreneurs to unite, help each other, and courageously climb industry peaks. Secretary Ma pointed out that the smart lighting industry should have lofty aspirations, the mindset of building a century-old brand, the ambition to grow bigger and stronger, and the determination for a second entrepreneurial venture. He highlighted the importance of adhering to tradition while innovating, accepting new things, and adopting a modern entrepreneurial approach. Secretary Ma emphasized the need for steady progress, practical work, strategic planning, and joint efforts between the government and enterprises to embark on a new journey of second entrepreneurship.


During the agenda of speeches by company representatives, Mr. Ding Guangchun, the General Manager of Jiangsu Kaiyuan Solar Lighting Co., Ltd., Mr. Yang Chaoyou, the Chairman of Yangzhou Famai Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., and Mr. Zhang Meng, the Chairman of Zhongwen Construction Group Co., Ltd., jointly discussed the development experiences and successful cases of recent years, providing valuable insights and inspiration for other companies in the industry.


The atmosphere throughout the council was enthusiastic, and representatives expressed that through the exchange and cooperation of this council, new vitality will be injected into the future development of the lighting industry in Gaoyou City. They look forward to joining hands in future collaborations, collectively driving greater achievements in the Gaoyou lighting industry.








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