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All in Two Solar Street Light
High-performance Parameters: imported efficient chip patent package, saving 60% energies than traditional street light; patented light distribution design; road uniformity above 0.7 with uniform illuminance and no spot phenomenon; high color rendering, restoring original color of object and beatifying urban environment; environmental and healthy; no UV, no radiation, more conducive to environmental protection and human eye health; suitable places: main trunk road, secondary trunk road, branch road, etc.
20W 30W
Model No.KY-E-BGD-001
System VoltageDC3.2V
Lithium Battery3.2V/60AH
Solar PanelPoly crystalline 55W/5V

Model No.KY-E-BGD-002
System VoltageDC12.8V
Lithium Battery12.8V/30AH
Solar PanelPoly crystalline 90W/18V

Product Features

  • Single crystalline silicon solar panel with highest photoelectric conversion rate is adopted. 

  • Intelligent charge and discharge management, dual protection of soft and hard charge and discharge and intelligent balancing technology, cyclic charge and discharge for at least 2,000 times.

  • Patented light distribution design, road uniformity above 0.7 with uniform illuminance and no spot phenomenon. 

Product Structure Display

Technical Parameters

Model No.KY-E-BGD-001KY-E-BGD-002
Rated Power20W30W
System VoltageDC3.2VDC12.8V
Lithium Battery3.2V/60AH12.8V/30AH
Solar PanelPoly crystalline 55W/5VPoly crystalline 90W/18V
Light Source5050
Light DistributionBat-Wing light distribution(150°x75°)
Light Efficiency≥120LM/W
Color Temperature3000K/4000K/5700K/6500K
Working Temperature-10℃~+60℃
Lamp Weight3.5kg5.0kg
LED Lifespan>50000H
Lamp Dimension540×229×108mm
Packing Dimension595×270×267mm(2pc/CTN)
Mount Diameterφ60mm
Working Mode6–12h per night (as required)
Suggested Mount Height4-6m

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