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Solar Street Light Customization Solution - LED Street Lights Upgrade And Conversion

10.24. 2023

LED street lights typically run on alternating current (AC), while solar power systems generate direct current (DC). If you wish to convert LED street lights to solar power, you generally need to take the following steps:


Install solar panels: You need to install solar panels to convert solar energy into electricity. These panels capture solar energy during the day and store it in batteries or lithium batteries.


Utilize a specially customized control and inverter system: A charge controller is used to monitor and manage the charging of the batteries from the solar panels during the day and the discharging of the LED lights at night, ensuring the batteries are not overcharged or over-discharged.


Inverter: An inverter is the equipment used to convert the direct current (DC) stored in the batteries or lithium batteries into the alternating current (AC) required for LED street lights. This is a crucial component, as LED street lights typically run on AC.


The solution can achieve the following:


1.Light control inverter switch, turning on the inverter at night to power the LED.

2.Timed LED light-off control.

3.IoT control scheme can be implemented.

4.Priority mode switching between alternating current (AC) and lithium batteries can be configured.


In summary, while it is possible to convert LED street lights to solar power using an inverter, careful consideration of design and installation aspects is necessary to ensure the reliability and performance of the system.


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