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Exploration Tour: Overseas Students from Yangzhou Vocational University Visit SOKOYO

04.25. 2024

On April 22, 2024, SOKOYO welcomed a group of enthusiastic young people. They were more than 50 representatives of overseas students from Yangzhou Vocational University. Led by Mu Weiping, the dean of the International Exchange College of Yangzhou Vocational University, they visited our factory for learning and exploration.


This visit is part of the inter-school exchange between the two sides, aimed at strengthening cooperation and communication between schools and enterprises, and providing students with broader learning and practical opportunities.





During the visit, the students gained in-depth understanding of SOKOYO's main products, production processes, and advanced equipment. They developed a more intuitive understanding of industrial production and gained basic knowledge of the principles and applications of solar street light products. They also interacted and exchanged ideas with our factory's management and technical staff, delving into the development trends and employment prospects of related industries.







Dean Mu expressed that this visit will provide students with opportunities for practical training, broaden their horizons, and enhance their practical abilities. At the same time, she thanked SOKOYO for our warm reception and wonderful explanations, looking forward to more cooperation and exchange opportunities between the two sides in the future.



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