SOKOYO Solar Lighting Co., Ltd.
SOKOYO Solar Lighting Co., Ltd.

Uniting Strength, Sharing Joy

05.24. 2024

Our company recently organized a unique team-building event, in which all employees actively participated, spending a wonderful time full of laughter and team spirit. The event was held in the picturesque town of Zhuhu, where everyone relaxed in the embrace of nature, significantly closing the distance between one another.


The event kicked off with engaging icebreaker games, quickly immersing everyone in a joyful atmosphere. Following that, we participated in activities such as "Collaborative Big Bang," "Wise Leader," and "Passionate Transport." These team-building exercises enhanced our cohesion and synergy. During lunch, we enjoyed a sumptuous picnic together, discussing work and life, sharing experiences, and constantly laughing and chatting.



Under the early summer's blue sky, amidst the grass and fresh air, the entire team-building event not only allowed everyone to relax physically and mentally but also deepened the friendships among colleagues and enhanced our teamwork skills.

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